Newcasle Futures video, 7th May

'A local solution to a European issue' - the case of integrated employment services in Newcastle



We recently published our video on the not for profit company Newcastle Futures, which is an innovative concept designed to enhance the services provided by JobCentre Plus, the national employment agency.

By integrating services at local level and providing specialised support to vulnerable groups in the area, such as young adults, over 50s, single parents and people living in deprived areas Newcastle Future has reduced duplication of services in the city and saved much needed resources.

As part of the service Newcastle Futures staff go out into the community meeting people in informal settings including, childcare centres, youth centres, libraries and even cafes. It also offers clients help with things like budget management, ICT skills and interview preparation.

Through Newcastle Futures, the city has managed to enhance the national employability support services by tailoring them to local needs and since the scheme was set up in 2007 it has helped nearly 6,000 people into employment.

This has helped to boost the local labour market and has had a positive impact on the clients’ quality of life.

To watch our video here: https://youtu.be/jq_EUwcR__k


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