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  • CREATE events in Skopje
  • CREATE mentoring visits
  • CREATE dissemination activities
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CREATE’s most fascinating phase is getting going: findings are being synthesised, analysed and shaped to come to the aid of cities and others in the future. All work packages are concluding their work, last mentoring visits are taking place, and the final guidelines are on their way. The final conferences in May will mark the end of 3 great years of work and transfer of knowledge. We are counting on you race ahead during this final sprint and we look forward to great outputs to be shared far beyond May 2018! 

CREATE events in Skopje

The week of 29 January 2018 offers insightful CREATE events in Skopje.

This includes a Workshop on 29 January focusing on ‘Challenges and opportunities to accelerate the urban mobility development processes’. The objective of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and opportunities for S1 cities to accelerate urban transport development processes in their city based on the CREATE concepts. The following questions will be addressed: How do S1 cities perceive the different stages? What does ‘leapfrogging’ or ‘accelerating’ really mean? What skills are required to accelerate these processes? What are the main barriers and how to overcome them? What practical insights can we learn from S3 cities? What policies to prioritise and how to initiate this paradigm shift? The workshop will be divided into several sections including presentations and discussion sessions. The findings of the workshop will inform WP5, WP7 and the CREATE ‘insights’ which S1 cities will be able to disseminate within their city.  This workshop is specifically designed for CREATE S1 cities. Inputs from S3 cities’ representatives and CREATE experts will be included.

30 January will start with a CREATE conference organised by Skopje, involving Skopje’s mayor and officials from the Ministry for Transport and Communication,  followed by a guided tour showcasing Skopje’s innovative policies. The afternoon will feature a roundtable discussion where each city representative will discuss what policies to prioritise and how to initiate this paradigm shift in the context of his/her city in order to move toward Stage 3. The day will conclude with a session on financing and funding options for Stage 1 cities.

The rest of the week will be dedicated to the last steering committee meeting of the project, taking stock of what has been achieved and planning for remaining activities until the end of May 2018. 

CREATE mentoring visits

First round of mentoring visits completed
  • 2-3 November 2016 | Copenhagen - Bucharest 
    • Public transport organisation
    • Biking situation and traffic
  • 7-9 November 2016 | Paris - Skopje
    • Public transport priority (PTP)
    • SUMPs
    • Bike sharing system
    • Roundabouts
  • 15-17 February 2017 | Vienna - Adana
    • Pedestrianisation
    • Walkability
    • SUMPs
  • 21-22 March 2017 | London - Tallinn
    • Street types
    • Healthy streets
  • 10-12 July  2017 | Berlin - Amman
    • On-street parking management
    • SUMPs
Second round of mentoring visits
  • 27-28 November 2017 | Copenhagen - Bucharest
    • Design of an awareness-raising campaign on cycling
  • 4-7 December 2017 | Paris-Skopje
    • Multimodal transport modeling
    • Design of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)
    • Design of a behavioural change campaign on cycling
  • 15-17 January 2018 | Vienna - Adana
    • Design of an awareness-raising campaign to promote public transportation
  • 28 February - 1 March 2018 | London - Tallinn
    • Implementation of street type models
  • Mid-March 2018 (date tbc) | Berlin - Amman
    • Smart city solutions and their impact on mobility (tbc)
    • Additional mentoring visit in Berlin (optional)

Feedback from the mentoring visit in Bucharest

Rainbow street project, Amman
Discussing parking management in Amman
The second leg of the mentoring between Copenhagen and Bucharest in the frame of CREATE was hosted by PMB and facilitated by EIP on 27 and 28 November 2017. The two day meeting was an opportunity to cement the knowledge transfer from the previous meetings and to define the next steps by choosing a viable action plan with concrete measures.

Representatives from both project teams took part in the meeting, alongside representatives from EIP – the facilitator of the exchange, and experts from the Bucharest municipality. Mr Sorin Chiriță, the Public Administrator of the Bucharest municipality was also present, reaffirming the municipality’s high level involvement in CREATE.

The second mentoring visit’s objective is to gain knowledge on the way the city of Copenhagen designs and implements public awareness campaigns, using examples from their past and current cycling awareness campaigns.

The applied knowledge transfer focused on the following areas:
  • Hiring a specialist in communication.
  • Creating a team responsible for campaigning the mobility initiatives within the city. The team should be interdisciplinary and should include representatives from various departments.
  • Documenting prior and after any initiative in the city, and afterwards communicating a good story.
As a result of the discussions, PMB identified an opportunity to apply the information received and the lessons learnt during the last phase of the mentoring exercise in a project related to the improvement of the PT infrastructure. Although this is not a cycling project, as had originally been considered in this action plan, the project chosen will have a major impact to the population living and working in the area of the implementation; hence the interest in implementing the newly learnt lessons.

Overall, the mentoring exercise was a success. Both cities made efforts to prepare this last meeting. CPH put a lot of effort into preparing detailed information that explains how to implement an awareness raising campaign for improving the modal share of cycling. Moreover, the set of materials brought by CPH and offered to PMB representatives could be an excellent starting point for PMB to develop their own. On the other hand, PMB prepared an extensive list of questions for CPH, showing their commitment to understanding and replicating CPH’s communication and awareness raising successes. Although both cities are different and with different priorities at this stage, it is clear that both are highly interested in ways to improve the quality of life of their citizens.

Feedback from the mentoring visit in Skopje

Rainbow street project, Amman
Discussing parking management in Amman
This mentoring visit hosted Paris CREATE colleagues in Skopje. It focused on multimodal transport modelling, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) and behaviour change campaigns for cycling. The visit included presentations by IAU colleagues on awareness raising campaigns for cycling. Discussions then focused on how to promote urban cycling efficiently and how to understand the behaviour of users. IAU presented the Sustainable Urban Mobility plan of the Paris region, which led to discussions on how to promote sustainable urban mobility, but also data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Feedback from the mentoring visit in Adana

The main topic of the second mentoring visit was to offer an outside perspective for the Adana's awareness campaign to promote public transportation and to design policy actions to achieve the following objectives:
  • Encourage people to use public transport.
  • Convince the citizens that the result of the project will increase their quality of life.
  • Facilitate the use of public transportation.
  • Encourage citizens to use sustainable mobility instruments.
  • Promote the benefits of using public transport.
During the second mentoring visit period, determined strategies of the awareness campaign were evaluated.

Posters, mottos and campaign timetable were discussed in detail.
Discussions were carried out about:
  • The methodology and the outputs of the survey and how to use the data to improve the promotional tools of the awareness campaign.
  • How to evaluate the awareness campaign. Determination of the indicators, when and how to collect data for the right indicator.
  • Conference was held relating to the ‘Challenges for sustainable urban transportation’. Presentations were made by CREATE members and discussions were carried out with the Civil Engineering Department students and colleagues
Discussing parking management in Amman

CREATE dissemination activities

CREATE seminar on ‘Acceptability and wider impacts of autonomous vehicles’ in Paris

IAU hosted a seminar about autonomous vehicles in Paris on 24 November 2017. The main objective was to gather experts from different fields to discuss and fuel the debate existing around the acceptability and the potential impacts of such vehicles on our cities and societies. 60 people from different horizons and countries were present and took part to the morning session. During the afternoon, CREATE partners were invited to visit the automated shuttle at La Défense to see such vehicles being tested in real conditions by Keolis, a transport operator.

Sciences Po visit @P.M.B. in Bucharest

A group of 63 students from the Sciences Po Urban School, in Paris (master’s programme in Urban and Regional Policy), travelled to Bucharest, together with Charlotte Halpern (Sciences Po, CREATE, WP4) and her colleagues, between 14-18 November. Through various meetings with stakeholders and site visits, they sought to understand evolving forms of urban governance and policy making in Bucharest and the capital city region. Thanks to the support of CREATE partners (Melania Mihaescu at PMB. and Lucia Cristea at EIP), they were able to examine in more detail issues related to transport and mobility.

On 16, 22 November students met with two representatives of the Transport, Roads and Traffic Planning Department at PMB: Mr Cosmin Gheorghiu (executive director and coordinator of CREATE - PMB working group) and Mr Filip Atanasiu (executive officer, responsible for organising, delivering and take over of speciality data for PMB in the CREATE project). The following themes were discussed:
  • Current activities of the Transport, Roads and Traffic Planning  Department - PMB;
  • main challenges, objectives and priorities;
  • the Bucharest CREATE report, authored by Clemence Cavoli (UCL) by two Sciences Po STU students (Mrs Juliette Christophe and Mr Tristan Boursico);
  • and a site visit at one of Bucharest’s largest infrastructure construction site ‘Road connection Splaiul Independenţei Avenue - A1 Highway – Ciurel Bridge’, where they met with the project coordinator and his team and discussed the challenges linked with the operational dimension of transport infrastructure developments.
On November 17, 16 students met with Mrs Lucia Cristea, managing director at EIP in order to discuss the challenges attached to the implementation of sustainable development objectives into day to day practice:
  • The work done by EIP in support of local authorities in Romania;
  • how a number of cities have developed stakeholders' engagement groups in order to assist the design and implementation of mobility plans. 

CREATE at the International Cycling Conference 2017 in Mannheim

Upcoming EU visibility events

CREATE will feature at the following EU events in the coming months:
  • CREATE at EUROCITIES Mobility Forum meeting in Prague (23 April 2018): Presentation on CREATE insights
  • CREATE at TRA in Vienna (17 April 2018): Panel session on ‘Being ready for the next Uber: can local government reinvent itself?’
  • CREATE final political event at European Parliament (May 2018 – date tbc)
  • CREATE final cities event at SUMP platform conference in Nicosia (15-16 May 2018 - date tbc)


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