EUROCITIES response to European Commission consulation on long-term unemployment

Tackling long term unemployment at local level must be a priority- 18 May

We submitted our responseto the European Commission public consultation on service provision to the long term unemployed.

Our members, 130 major cities from 35 European countries have contributed to our response, which aims to showcase cities’ efforts in this field as well as highlighting some of the common trends emerging from the good practice examples we have collected.

One of our main messages is that cities can design effective tailored measures and integrated services that support those most in need and furthest from the labour market. We also stress that the most effective initiatives designed to tackle long term unemployment are those that are rooted within communities and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of local conditions and the labour market.

We call for the greater involvement of cities and more recognition of their efforts, including through a specific commitment from European and national bodies to involve cities in the design, implementation and evaluation of measures addressing long term unemployment. We also push for dedicated resources to tackle long term unemployment, such as through specific earmarking in the European Social Fund targets.

Read our full response here: http://bit.ly/1cSxyeA

Also see our Newcastle Futures video, which is an example of integrated employment services at local level helping to combat unemployment in the city: https://youtu.be/jq_EUwcR__k


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